Frequently Asked Questions


In order to provide any motor vehicle services Registry Agents are required to verify your identify following THREE categories.


- Alberta operator’s license or identification card
- Photo Identification from another jurisdiction
- VALID Canadian Passport
- NEXUS Card
- Canadian Armed Forces I.D Card
- Secure Certificate of Indian Status Card
- Municipal/Provincial or Federal Police force I.D.
- Permanent Resident Card
- Metis Nations of Alberta Card


- must contain TWO elements of date such as name, date of birth, signature, address, etc. and at least ONE of these documents must show that you currently live in Alberta.
- Birth or Marriage Certificate
- Utility statements
- Work Visa, Student Visa, Permanent Resident Card
- Income tax receipts
- Property tax bill
- Insurance policy documents


In obtaining an Alberta driver’s licence or Alberta identification card you must prove you are:
a) Lawfully entitled to reside in Canada (Canadian Passport, or birth certification, Permanent Resident card, work/study permit).
b) An Alberta resident (utility bill or statements mailed to your Alberta address, no electronic statements will be accepted).


Applying for an Alberta Driver’s License In order to exchange your out of province or out of country driver’s license you will be required to Exchanging a Canadian Jurisdiction If you hold a valid license from another Canadian jurisdiction you may exchange it for an equivalent class without testing (in most circumstances). Exchanging a United States Exchanging Other Licenses

Additionally, if you are:

A Non-Albertan visitor: you are not required to hold a Alberta license if you currently hold a valid license of the same type or class in another province or jurisdiction.
A New Alberta Resident: you are permitted to use your valid restriction-free out of province driver’s license for 90 days before surrendering it and switching for an Alberta license of the same class without testing. Note: medicals are required for Class 1, 2, and 4.
A Student: you are not required to obtain an Alberta driver’s license if you currently hold a valid driver’s license of the same type or class in your home jurisdiction.
Please note if you are under 18 and are not married or self-supporting you must provident parental or guardian consent. Self-supporting proof could include utility bill, lease agreement, etc.
Please note if you are visually impaired or have a medical condition that could affect your driving you may be required to provide medical or vision report.
Government Medical Report

Here Drivers Fitness and Monitoring’s list of Medical conditions that may affect safe driving.
Link - List of Medical Conditions

For more information please contact Drivers Fitness and Monitoring.
Service Alberta Contact Info - Fitness and Monitoring